Operation Stormfront, a battle that took place near the capital of the Wangchienese Democratic Republic.

Battle of Wanchyang
Causes The Imperial Army of China (IAC) invaded the Wangchienese capital.
LocationWanchyang, Wangchien Yunnan province
Date May 4, 2023 May 23, 2023
Belligerents People's Empire of ChinaWangchienese rebels supported by AFA volunteers
Flags or war banners MingflagTaiflag Awfflag
Strength IAC 50,000 Wangchienese rebels 30,000 and AFA volunteers 60,000
CommandersGeneral Win Ching Aung Shin Taw and General Shawn S. Peters
International Response PashaflagPashabhumistan opposed the warAgfflag Federation of Armenia and Georgia supported the war.
WeaponryTanks, drones, jets

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