Antipatriots Party
Country of Origin United States of America
Ideology Anarchism, radicalism
Number of Members 300,000-800,000
Foundation May 27, 2021

Antipatriots, a paramilitary group of 30,000 disgruntled expatriates who were exiled out of the country by the Barghas administration labelling them Antipatriots.


The Americans who were exiled came back and formed a political party the Antipatriotic Party which was really a party that was formed to bring together all the people who were exiled from the United States of America. But the Barghas administration tried to deport them once again but it didn't work out that well for the President Barghas. Later the party grew bigger and more powerful is more more victims started to realize but they were wrongfully accused of treason.

In 2028 the party grew tremendously and more people came all over the United States to the rally. President Smith tried to make peace with the Antipatriots but was turned down many times and making peace with them was a very dangerous and challenging situation to be in.


There are two factions in the Antipatriot Party which are:

  • Blackfingers, a more radical and extreme faction of the Antipatriot Party. They wear black attire including black gloves is their noted feature.
  • Yellowheads, the more suppressing of the party they are known for wearing distinguished yellow berets and black coats.


The Antiplutarch in charge of the the whole group and the party. Then the Speakers makes a bill and passes it down to the Antiplutarch to make the final decision on the bill to use it in the next rally.

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