Empire of Greater America (Spanish: Imperio de la Gran América), an empire in North America and parts of Latin America.  

Empire of America
Capital Americanapolis  
Official Languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, German dialects  
Government Imperial  
Area 3,717,813 sq mi  
Population 76,212,168 (1900 census)  
Currency Liberty Silver Dollar  
Founded 1900 (declared) 1917 (official)  
Emperor Emperor Norton II (de facto)  
Era Imperial American Era (1900)  




The inception of the American Empire began in 1900 when the American people wanted to have an emperor and become an imperial nation. In 1917 the First Steamplane War broken out and the Empire of Brandenburg bombed the American Empire's East Coast region killing about 150 people and destroyed about 450 buildings and wounded 340 civilians.

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